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Legislative News

Mike Belote & Mike Arnold , CMA Legislative Report - Get a copy here , 09/18/2014 Mike Belote & Mike Arnold, CMA Online, 08/30/2014 , , 07/29/2013 ., DRE, 06/26/2013 DRE, California Department of Real Estate News Flash, 06/21/2013 Jan Lynn Owen, Commissioner, From the DOC, 05/14/2013 , , 02/14/2013 Legislative Updates, California Mortgage Association, 06/26/2012 California Mortgage Association, , 06/25/2012

2016 News

United States Court of Appeals, , 10/11/2016 Theodore Flo Sarah Schindler-Williams, CFPB Monitor, 10/11/2016 CalBRE, CalBRE News Flash, 08/04/2016 CalBRE, CalBRE News Flash, 07/14/2016 CalBRE, CalBRE News Flash, 06/16/2016 CalBRE, CalBRE News Flash, 06/14/2016 CalBRE, CalBRE News Flash, 05/16/2016 CalBRE, CalBRE News Flash, 04/27/2016 CalBRE, CalBRE News Flash, 04/25/2016 CalBRE, CalBRE News Flash, 04/14/2016 CalBRE, CalBRE News Flash, 02/26/2016 CalBRE, CalBRE News Flash, 02/17/2016 CalBRE, CalBRE News Flash, 01/27/2016 CalBRE, CalBRE News Flash, 01/14/2016 CalBRE, CalBRE News Flash, 01/14/2016

2015 News

CalBRE, CalBRE News Flash, 12/24/2015 CalBRE, CalBRE News Flash, 12/23/2015 CalBRE, CalBRE News Flash, 12/14/2015 CalBRE, CalBRE News Flash, 11/17/2015 CalBRE, CalBRE News Flash, 10/30/2015 CalBRE, CalBRE News Flash, 10/16/2015 CalBRE, CalBRE News Flash, 10/15/2015 CalBRE, CalBRE News Flash, 09/29/2015 Octavio Nuiry, Managing Editor, RealtyTrac, 09/24/2015 CalBRE, CalBRE News Flash, 09/17/2015 CalBRE, CalBRE News Flash, 09/17/2015 Wayne S. Bell, California Real Estate Commissioner, CalBRE News Flash, 09/01/2015 LAO Publications, Legislative Analyst`s Office, 03/17/2015

2014 News

CalBRE, CalBRE News Flash, 02/28/2014 CalBRE, CalBRE News Flash, 02/28/2014 CalBRE, Online, 01/03/2014
CMA Annual Meeting Date Announcement
, CMA Annual Meeting Scheduled for Friday, April 25, 2014, 12/11/2013

2013 News

., CalBRE, 12/20/2013 Franchise Tax Board, ,, 12/04/2013 ., California Bureau of Real Estate, 11/25/2013 (DBO), CA Dept. of Business Oversight, 10/21/2013 (BRE), California Bureau of Real Estate, 10/02/2013 (BRE), California Bureau of Real Estate, 10/02/2013 David Allen Duner, CPA , Produced by the Author for CMA Members, 07/31/2013 CA Bureau of Real Estate, Reconciliation of Trust Funds, 07/29/2013 CMA, SIFMA, , 04/18/2013 DRE, RE 881 Online - Business Activity Reporting System, 04/02/2013 Click link then scroll down to "Notices", DOC, 03/21/2013 DRE, New Real Estate Commissioner, 02/21/2013 , The California Department of Real Estate (DRE) will become the Bureau of Real Estate under the Department of Consumer Affairs effective July 1, 2013, 02/14/2013

2012 News

Laurence E. Platt, Mortgage Servicing - K&L Gates, 09/11/2012 California Mortgage Association, California Mortgage Association, 09/07/2012 California Mortgage Association, California Mortgage Association, 09/07/2012 Sean O Toole, Foreclosure Radar, 05/15/2012 , DRE Website, 04/26/2012 Editorial, Sacramento Bee, 04/18/2012 Dan Walters, Sacramento Bee, 04/16/2012 Janis Bowdler and Kevin Stein, Sacramento Bee, 04/15/2012 Don Thompson, Sacramento Bee, 04/15/2012 Charles Piller, Sacramento Bee, 04/11/2012 Steven Miller, Nevada Journal, 03/29/2012 Karen Mracek, Kiplinger, 03/28/2012

DRE: Designation of Branch Office Managers

Department of Real Estate, , 02/17/2012

Amicus News

California Mortgage Association, United States Supreme Court, 04/02/2012 California Mortgage Association
K & L Gates/Wells Fargo Bank
Ronald Roup & Associates/Litton Loan Servicing LP & Bank of America, NA
United Trustees Association, Via Letters to the California Supreme Court, 02/07/2012

Foreclosure Ordinance Call to Action

Phil Adleson, John Graziano, and George Eckert, CMA, 06/20/2012

Update: Riverside County Ordinance No. 906

Riverside County , Trustees Sale Site Map - Sign Locations, 11/16/2011

Information for Consumers

, DRE Website, 09/14/2012

Riverside County Ordinance No. 906

Attached (click above link) is the final signed copy of the Riverside Ordinance No. 906 (Non-solicitation on County property) as adopted on June 14, 2011. Unlike prior copies that have been circulated, this copy reflects minor amendments made as a result of arguments at the June 7, 2011 Board of Supervisors meeting attended by Pam Sosa, CMA 2010-2011 President and Phil Adleson, Esq., CMA Legal Counsel, on behalf of CMA. In addition, this version was adopted and signed at the June 14, 2011, Board of Supervisorís meeting and establishes the date (June 14, 2011) from which one can measure the 30 day waiting period for the ordinance to become effective (Ord. No. 906, Section 10) and the 90-day phase in period (Ord. No. 906, Section 8).
Phillip Adleson, Esq., , 08/02/2011

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